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Market District Multi-Purpose Stormwater Project

The Market District has long been characterized by a mixture of strong local businesses and stable, active and engaged neighborhoods. In order to keep pace with growth and to improve the quality of stormwater flowing to Lake Jackson, upgrades to the area’s stormwater system are underway. Building on the Sense of Place efforts, roadways will be upgraded to provide beautification and improve mobility. Major electric infrastructure will be upgraded with the transmission lines east of the electrical substation that currently run through the ponds being relocated to improve reliability and aesthetics. The Market District Multi-Purpose Stormwater Project will reclaim public open space and further enhance the area’s public amenities while creating an opportunity for a future park.

The overall project area is approximately 30 acres.

Elements of the multi-purpose stormwater project include:

  • Beautify and improve Maclay Commerce Drive and Maclay Boulevard (from Maclay Commerce Drive to Mosswood Chase)
  • Provide areas for family-friendly activities
  • Promote outdoor business activities
  • Create walking/jogging trails
  • Establish open space for special events

The multi-purpose project consists of four general areas that will flow together, each with its unique elements.

West Stormwater Facility

The West Stormwater Facility will be a wet detention pond serving a large part of the Market District as a regional stormwater facility. Some areas in the District were developed prior to many of the environmental regulations that exist today. As such, water quality treatment is not in place to address stormwater runoff from some of these areas. The West Stormwater Facility will provide retrofit water quality treatment and rate control (protect against flooding) for the entire 300 Acre +/- watershed that drains to it, including some of the previously untreated areas. It will also serve as a passive recreation area with a walking trail connection to the rest of the project along the north side of the electrical substation.

diagram of West Stormwater Facility

East Stormwater Facility

While also providing water quality treatment and rate attenuation, the East Stormwater Facility will be designed to be more park like with walking or fitness paths and landscape/hardscape features surrounding it. A constructed wetland that captures stormwater runoff directly from Maclay Commerce Drive and adjacent commercial properties may be incorporated into the design of the East Stormwater Facility.

diagram of East Stormwater Facility

In keeping with the Market District Sense of Place Plan adopted in 2011, various public parcels were redesigned and have been combined to create space for a Market District Park. Major stormwater ponds are being transformed and one was filled in. As the main greenspace area, this 9.8 acre parcel will be used for amenities, pedestrian and recreational purposes. Community input and site design principals will help guide the amenities are featured in the park. Read More…

Maclay Boulevard and Maclay Commerce Drive will be enhanced with a landscaped median, sidewalks and on-street parking. The intersections of Maclay Commerce Drive with Martin Hurst Road and Maclay Boulevard will be improved.

diagram of proposed roadway improvements
east stormwater area lady jogging