Market District Multi-Purpose Stormwater Project

The Market District has long been characterized by a mixture of strong local businesses and stable, active and engaged neighborhoods. To improve the quality of stormwater flowing to Lake Jackson, upgrades to the area’s stormwater system are underway. Roadways will be upgraded to provide beautification and improve mobility. Major electric infrastructure will be upgraded with the transmission lines east of the electrical substation that currently run through the ponds being relocated to improve reliability and aesthetics. This project, coupled with the Sense of Place efforts already underway in the area, will reclaim public open space and further enhance the area’s public amenities while creating an opportunity for a potential future pocket park.

Elements of the multi-purpose stormwater project include:

  • Beautify and improve Maclay Commerce Drive and Maclay Boulevard (from Maclay Commerce Drive to Mosswood Chase)
  • Provide areas for family-friendly activities
  • Promote outdoor business activities
  • Create jogging trails and exercise stations
  • Establish open space for special events or general leisure

What Could Elements of the Project Look Like?

Help create the vision for this project! There are four distinct sections that will flow together, but each will have unique elements. Look for future written communication and updates to this website for information about opportunities to provide input.

West Side — A picturesque stormwater pond will be built here.

Central Area — As the central greenspace area, this element will provide the canvas for the future Park with potential features being a tot lot, a splash pad, restrooms and a pavilion. Permanent kiosks for vendors and a farmer's market could be placed adjacent to the parking area east of the electrical substation.

East Side — An urban park with paved jogging/walking/fitness trails, benches and landscaping could be built on this site around an improved stormwater pond.

Roadways — Maclay Boulevard and Maclay Commerce Drive will be enhanced with a landscaped median, sidewalks and on-street parking. Overhead electrical lines will be relocated out of the ponds and combined on single poles adjacent to the roadway parking.