Frequently Asked Questions

Lake Jackson is a designated Outstanding Florida Water (OFW) and has been classified as being impaired due to water quality issues. The Market District watershed discharges to Lake Jackson. This stormwater retrofit project will significantly reduce nutrient loading from the watershed and improve water quality discharges to Lake Jackson through the implementation of advanced water quality treatment technologies and improved stormwater practices. The existing stormwater facilities were built in the 1980’s when water quality treatment standards were less protective and treatment mechanisms were not nearly as efficient as the Best Management Practices (BMPs) implement today. The existing ponds are traditional stormwater facilities that focused primarily on flood control.

In 2011, the City Commission adopted the “Market District Action Plan” with a vision of fostering a unique sense of place in the district. One of the goals of the action plan is to “reclaim or create new public spaces,” and it identifies several objectives. These include providing family-friendly activities, jogging trails, exercise opportunities, a tot lot playground; promoting outdoor business activities, sidewalk sales and business expansions; and creating outdoor venues for special events or leisure.

During development of the Market District Action Plan, repurposing of the existing stormwater ponds in the center of the Market District was identified as a top priority of citizens and business owners.

At the June 2012 workshop on the Sales Tax Extension, agenda materials for the “Market District Activity Center” identified improvements to be implemented by the City, which included the reconfiguration of stormwater management facilities as public amenities and the construction of sidewalks on Maclay Boulevard and Maclay Commerce Drive.

In consideration of the Market District Action Plan goals, a large multi-purpose stormwater project will help jump start the Commission’s Market District Sense of Place efforts. The stormwater project will address water quality issues in Lake Jackson and create a canvas for the development of an urban park that incorporates many of the Action Plan objectives.

The multi-purpose stormwater project will include retrofitting the East and West Stormwater Facilities to improve water quality treatment and aesthetics, relocating the electric transmission lines to the north side of Maclay Commerce Drive, improving Maclay Boulevard (from Maclay Commerce Drive to Mosswood Chase)and Maclay Commerce Drive (from Martin Hurst Road to Financial Plaza Drive) and improving the intersection of Maclay Boulevard and Maclay Commerce Drive.

The project will be constructed in three phases. Phase I is complete and consisted of filling in the Central Stormwater Facility and a portion of the East Stormwater Facility and expanding the West Stormwater Facility to make way for relocation of the electric transmission lines to the north side of Maclay Commerce Drive.

Design of Phase II is underway and consists of retrofitting and reconfiguring the West Stormwater Facility.

Phase III is the largest phase and will consist of retrofitting the East Stormwater Facility, including landscaping and beautification elements, and improving Maclay Commerce Drive and Maclay Road.

Following outreach to citizens and incorporating that feedback into the final design, it is expected that construction of Phase II will begin by the end of 2019 and last 12-18 months.

Design and public input for Phase III will begin in 2019. Construction should be complete by the end of 2022.

Construction of this type can be disruptive at times, but the City will do everything possible to minimize inconveniences. Traffic detours, when needed, will be clearly marked, and vehicular access to homes and businesses will be maintained at all times. Construction hours will normally begin after sunrise and end prior to sunset, with no construction allowed on Sundays.

The public area between the electrical substation and Maclay Boulevard has been filled in and re-graded. Phase III will include additional work in this area to provide a blank canvas for the future Central Park. Potential amenities include a tot lot, splash pad, open spaces for gathering, a pavilion and an outdoor market. Citizen input will be used to draft the vision for the park. The Central Park will be one of the projects funded by the 2020 Blueprint Sales Tax Extension.

You can use the survey section here to provide input.

Additionally, the City will hold multiple public meetings during the design of Phase II and Phase III. These will be open house style events for interested parties to take a closer look at the concepts presented on this website, ask questions and provide input about the Stormwater project. Meeting details will be posted on this site and mailed to area residents and businesses closer to the events.

City staff is also available to discuss the project at your convenience. Please contact Jason Smith, P.E., City of Tallahassee, Water Resources Engineering Division, at 850-891-6860 or